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Community Participation

Community Participation is an important part of being a participant with the NDIS as it enables interaction with other community members and social activities. Includes but not limited too,  Community events, Bowling, Movies, Art, Sports (participation & spectating) shopping, gardening, eating out or whatever may be your interest! 

Travel Support

Travel Support includes transport to appointments, shopping, visiting loved ones and community outings. To assist travel training on public transport.  

Personal Activities

Personal activities include providing supports in the home, social interaction, assist with cooking and cleaning.

Access and Maintain Employment.

Access and Maintain employment includes assisting NDIS participants to gain employment. Help with writing a resume, accessing employment sites and writing a cover letter. Preparing and support through interview and employment supports.

Assist Life Stage Transition

Assist Life Stage Transition can be testing for people with many different disabilities and mental health illness and their carers. Life stage transition is major changes in life which are important for development both mentally and physically. Creating achievable pathways and emotional support will assist life transitions through school life, tertiary education, employment.  Therapeutic supports create a relaxed method to alleviate the anxiety from change. 

Accommodation and Tenancy.

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